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Terry Bibs

Terry Bibs

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100% terry cloth adult sized bibs. These bibs are very soft so they are gentle on sensitive skin. The material is fully absorbent to help keep spills from making a mess. Additionally they are machine washable for easy clean up and care.

The material is very absorbent, so it will catch most liquid and food before it has a chance to become a stain. Life is quite a bit easier if you do not constantly have to worry about staining clothes or ruining shirts and pants.

The terry fabric is soft to touch. Terry cloth cotton stays soft to the touch even after many trips through the washing machine.

The bibs are simple to put on and take off using the Velcro fasteners. This is great because not everybody is as dexterous as they once were. Plus, the big, easy to secure straps don’t make putting on or taking off the bib a challenge. The size is approximately 18×30 inches, which is big enough to fit the average person. Although, considering it is a bib, it is really a one size fits all type of product.

  • Velcro fasteners
  • Very absorbent  terry cloth cotton
  • One size fits most