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Rebotec Genf – Self Propelled Shower Commode Wheelchair

Rebotec Genf – Self Propelled Shower Commode Wheelchair

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The self propelled shower commode  is a versatile product used for both showering and toileting.

Reduce chair users dependency on carer time. Doubles as an excellent wheelchair. (Self propelled wheels, soft seat with full cover)

The self-propelled shower commode is a quality product made specifically for hospitals and care facilities. The chair is designed for safety, comfort and durability.

The features include: easy independent manoeuvrability, added space for safe side transfers, well positioned brake handles and a quality structure that enables user comfort and added stability. As well as swinging armrests for easy side transfer. The commode is easy to clean, manufactured to be ‘user friendly’ and is designed for long.

Upholstered seat with hygiene opening, includes bucket device and bucket.

Depth 95cm
Width 71cm
Seat depth 45cm
Seat height 55cm
Seat width 46cm
 Toilet-height with bucket device  43cm
 max. toilet width  38cm
 weight  24kg
 max. body weight  130kg
Country of origin: Germany (Design & Manufacturing)