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Oxygen Tank Holder Bag
Oxygen Tank Holder Bag
Oxygen Tank Holder Bag

Oxygen Tank Holder Bag

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Oxygen tank holder Bag is a must-have for every individual who requires an oxygen tank for breathing support; especially when using a wheelchair to get around. When your wheelchair does not come with an oxygen bottle holder this is a great tank bag to have handy for your oxygen tank.

The adjustable straps can also be adjusted to sit the bag off centre so not to interfere with a persons head position. Ableware oxygen tank holder for wheelchairs, is easy to use, very durable and comes in black offering a dignified and tidy appearance.

The Oxygen Tank Holder Bag reduces the effort lifting and positioning the oxygen tank. Placing the Oxygen cylinder into the Tank Bag that can be strapped at the centre of the wheelchair’s back helps avoid interference with the user’s movements; more specifically, the back and head.

Using a wheelchair Oxygen Tank Bag is a safe and convenient way to attach an oxygen tank to a wheelchair.  As an economical piece of medical equipment, they are made with heavy duty materials and an adjustable buckle to help fit different wheelchair types and sizes.

  • Fits almost all wheelchair types and sizes
  • Perfect for D and E tanks
  • Adjustable positioning to help user’s ease of use
  • Safe to use
  • Convenient and economical in every aspect
  • Lightweight material
  • Easy to attach mechanism
  • Waterproof nylon

The Oxygen Tank Holder Bag is the most convenient way to carry an oxygen tank on your wheelchair. Though lightweight, the Oxygen Tank Holder is made of heavy-duty and waterproof nylon.