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The Lion AlcoBlow PF offers a non-invasive, easy low-cost way to conduct rapid screening.

Instrument Features:

  • Simple to use: AlcoBlow has just two control buttons. This means it’s very simple to use, so training requirements are minimal.
  • Fast, accurate analysis: using the Lion fuel cell sensor. This ensures high specificity to alcohol, and a long, stable working life.
  • Easy to read display: the subject’s alcohol level is shown on a single LED.
  • No mouthpieces: unlike conventional breath alcohol instruments, AlcoBlow makes no physical contact with the subject. This means there are no disposable mouthpieces, so the cost per test is very low.
  • Dual-mode operation: AlcoBlow has two possible modes of operation. Depending on the situation of the breath test.
  • Active: the subject blows into the cone: a sample of breath is then taken automatically for analysis.
  • Passive: the operator presses a button to draw breath from in front of the subject’s face, but otherwise without his or her co-operation.

Specifications and Features:

  • Fuel Cell Sensor: high specificity to alcohol, unaffected by other possible breath contaminants.
  • Warm-up Time: there is no heater, so no warm up time.
  • Reading Response Time: less than about 5 seconds from sampling.
  • Reading Display Hold Time: approximately 5 seconds, depending on the actual reading.
  • Recovery Times: typically 2 seconds at zero alcohol; 30 seconds at 0.20% BAC.
  • Temperature Range: from - 5ºC to +40ºC, for optimum operation.
  • Power Supply / Consumption: 4 new AA cells give at least 5,000 breath tests.
  • Dimensions: 256mm long X 48mm diameter.
  • Weight: approximately 300g (including batteries).
  • Beeper Function: advises of a change in display status.
  • Accessory Item: A protective carrying pouch is supplied with each AlcoBlow as standard.