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Forceps Crile Straight

Forceps Crile Straight

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Multi-use – High Quality Stainless Steel – 14cm Crile Straight Forceps.

Perfect for medical procedures, and for non-healthcare needs – whenever precise gripping and delicate manipulation is needed.

Crile Straight Forceps are specially designed hemostat forceps, which use the entire length of the jaw as a working surface. They are commonly used in hospitals, medical centres & surgery centres.

  • High quality stainless steel makes it easy to sterilize after use.
  • Transverse interdigitating striations which are unique to this style of forceps – horizontal, interlocking, serrated grooves that run the full length of the jaw’s curved clamping surface. The full length of the instrument’s jaw is a working surface.
  • Enjoy hands free compression and vary the amounts of pressure with the ratchet lock locking clamp.
  • Finger rings, similar to those at the end of scissors, make fine manipulation easier with gloved hands.
  • 14 cm length, including approximately a 3 cm straight jaw.
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