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Donuts Cushion Dual Layer
Donuts Cushion Dual Layer

Donuts Cushion Dual Layer

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The Dual Layer Ring Cushion is designed for lumbar support. Comforting the lower back and tailbone with perfectly pressured cushioning. Used on seating to support all lumbar or coccyx ailments and conditions.

Ring Cushion Dual Layer is an extremely important aide in lumbar, coccyx, haemorrhoid and tailbone relief. The product is improved with a double layer of foam rubber; for even more genuine support.

The features include: a stretch and waterproof cover, central open cavity, double layer, puncture proof latex foam rubber and easy care cleaning. The product also has a one year warranty; and a 110kg weight capacity.

This product is an important aide for clinical and medical and settings. Chiropractors, physiotherapists and general practitioners promote the use of Ring Cushioning in recovery. Pain relief that is naturally gained.

These quality aides are a detrimental part of the healing and recovery process for patients. They are manufactured with superior quality and tailored to the correct pressure necessary for lumbar support. Expert design and craftsmanship enables a faster recovery time for patients. The Ring Cushion Dual Layer is an imperative aide for individuals in the recovery process.

Available now with a one year warranty and stretch waterproof cover. Suitable for clinical needs or individuals.

Dimensions – W: 35cm x L: 40cm x H: 8cm / Center hole: 15cm x 8cm