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M.A.T. Tourniquet
M.A.T. Tourniquet

M.A.T. Tourniquet

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In emergency situations the MAT quickly works to stop moderate to severe extremity blood-loss, even to trapped limbs. When natural or man-made disasters occur and resources are tight it can be applied quickly and efficiently, allowing you to asses other injuries or treat other patients.

How it works:

  • Open C-Cuff design provides easy application to both arms and legs
  • Buckle and Strap design provides fast, trapped limb application
  • Turn Key system provides easy and safe tightening of the tourniquet in small, controlled increments, making it adjustable for various body types and sizes
  • Turn Key Mechanical Advantage Ratchet Mechanism ensures no slipping or loosening of the tourniquet
  • Release Button, along with the buckle, provide for fast loosening, releasing, and re-application of the tourniquet