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CMS50E Pulse Oximeter

CMS50E Pulse Oximeter

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Pulse oximeter, perfect for use at home as well as suitable to be used in a hospital or a medical facility. Measure pulse and oxygen saturation level.

Continuous pulse oximeter runs off all digital technology and is intended for non-invasive spot check measurement of human haemoglobin/oxygen saturation levels and heart rate through the index finger tip.

Defining convenience and portability, the Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter provides SpO2 levels instantly along with other vital measurements, while only weighing less than 50 grams with its included battery.

When healthcare professionals need an easy-to-carry yet sturdy piece of equipment for determining SpO2 levels, Rechargeable Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter offers accuracy, instant measurement, and a long battery life anywhere you need to take it. In addition to coming with a USB capable and power charger, its battery can go for up to 20 hours, almost a full day, for first-rate performance. It also has an integrated voltage alarm to alert the user in the event of lower power as well as 5 second auto-off abilities, which are welcome features.

It also has a color OLED display for easy reading and measurement differentiation even from a distance. Its data can be transferred to computer in real time, granting users readiness and flexibility in use.